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LCCI Business Mentoring

LCCI and Be the Business have teamed up to give LCCI Members access to a tailored business mentoring programme. This programme matches small and medium business leaders with an experienced business mentor to act as a sounding board and advisor and help the small business leader to achieve their business goals. 

Free Mentoring Support for your Business

Designed for busy people, the mentoring programme is delivered over a 12-month or 12-week format and is free of charge.

LCCI Members will also benefit from additional insight and upskilling opportunities on the programme.

How to sign up for LCCI Business Mentoring

Signing up is quick and easy. Simply follow this link to complete your online profile on the Be the Business Mentoring Platform. Completing your profile should take around 10-minutes.

Based on your online profile and your business goals, you will be matched with an experienced business executive. You will usually be matched within one week.

You and your mentor will be provided with a connection plan and other resources to help you both to set goals for the relationship and agree ways of working. At every stage, the Mentoring team are available to support you both on your mentoring journey. The Mentoring team will check in.

Getting an external professional perspective via the LCCI mentorship gave me invaluable feedback, accountability and ideas to implement. I fully recommend it. 

Toks Adebiyi | Founder & CEO, Clopper

How it Works

Our partners Be the Business have put together a short video to explain how the mentoring process works:

LCCI Business Mentoring FAQs

Is this programme right for me?

The mentors on our programme represent some of the very best business minds working today. They are either senior leaders within leading firms, or an experienced business leader of a small business themselves. This programme is recommended for business leaders of UK businesses with at least one year of trading and at least one full time employee. If you need a sounding board or impartial guidance to help guide your business strategy, this is the programme for you.

What does a mentor do?

A mentor acts as a neutral sounding board for difficult decisions and offers support in the development of strategies for the future. A mentor does not conduct business or work on your behalf. They direct you towards solutions, rather than telling you what to do. Their role as a mentor is to listen and give you fresh perspectives. They will create a safe space in which you can share both challenges and concerns, and thrive as you move towards your goals.

How much does the programme cost?

LCCI Business Mentoring is completely free. Be the Business are backed by government and supported by leading businesses. The experienced mentors are drawn from well-known firms from around the UK, including Accenture, Amazon, Cisco, John Lewis, Lloyds and Siemens. They donate their time to you on your business journey.

How am I matched with a mentor?

First, complete your online profile to help the team understand what you’re looking to gain from a mentoring relationship and what business challenges you want to address. We will then match you with a suitable mentor based on the mentor’s experience and skills. This should happen a few days after joining us, provided we have someone of the skills and experience you need available.  In the meantime, familiarise yourself with the platform and support available to you.

How do I know whether to choose the 12-week or 12-month programme?

We offer mentoring relationships over either 12 months to focus on long-term growth, or 12 weeks to address specific issues and challenges. Depending on your business needs, you'll be best placed to decide whether you want to focus more on the future development of your business or on shorter-term goals. If you're not sure, or would like more information, request a call back from one of our advisors.

How will I know what to do?

Mentoring is not a prescriptive process. Each relationship will vary in the schedule and approach to sessions. The mentoring relationship is driven by the goals that the mentee sets. You, as a mentee, are in the driving seat. We provide tools to support you as you set goals for the relationship, as well as a Connection plan - which is your route map to your mentoring journey. Use this connection plan, together with the guidance we provide to conduct your mentoring in a way that suits you.

Do you consider sector when making the match?

In our experience, and the experience of previous mentors and mentees on this programme, sector should not play a big part in choosing a mentor. A mentor from another sector will bring a fresh perspective that is beneficial to your mentoring, allowing you to focus on the fundamentals of your challenge and goals.

If I'm not sure that the match made is right for me, what do I do?

A good match depends on skills, experience and chemistry. We encourage our mentors and mentees to set a first meeting and get to know each other. If, after the first meeting, you decide that the chemistry is not right between you, then let us know and an alternative match will be made.

I'm several meetings into the programme, what should I do if my mentoring relationship isn't going well?

A relationship that is not working is not valuable to you or your mentor. We encourage letting the mentor know about the situation and contacting a programme administrator as soon as possible. We will provide our full support to resolve the situation in a positive and satisfactory manner.

What Programme Participants say

“My mentor has saved us time, money and helped us to increase our productivity.” 

Baoli Zhao, Managing Director, Allsee Technologies

“Our productivity increased, we became more efficient, increased turnover and employee engagement has never been better! The mentors were of an incredibly high calibre, their years of experience and expertise provided me with insights which would be almost impossible to find elsewhere. I would personally recommend this programme to any SME.”

Danny McKeever, Operations Director, Site Supply Co.

“It forced me to take a step back from the day to day of my business and think strategically. It made a real difference to have someone to bounce ideas off and talk through how to turn my ambition into a reality.”

Liz Smith, Managing Director, LG Davis

Reasons to get an LCCI Business Mentor

  • The mentoring programme has helped over 2,000 SME leaders and 9/10 would recommend it to fellow business owners
  • The programme is completely free of charge
  • The mentoring programme helps you to develop personally as well as helps you to achieve your business goals
  • You can sign up for a 12-week programme to work on an immediate business challenge, or a 12-month programme to work on longer term goals
  • 75% of small business leaders reported increased confidence in their Leadership and Management abilities after the programme
  • 30% say their revenues increased as a result of the programme
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More Information about LCCI Mentoring

Frequently Asked Questions

You can visit our FAQs page to learn more about LCCI Business Mentoring.


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