Branch Chambers

Our Croydon Chamber of Commerce and Industry and East London Chamber of Commerce branches have closed at the end of 2019.

Despite our efforts to attract new members locally, the overall annual subscription income no longer makes it sustainable to run branch operations.  Consequently the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) Board approved a proposal to consolidate Croydon Chamber and East London Chamber memberships within that of LCCI.

While our branch activities closed on 31 December 2019 all our current branch members have been upgraded to Premier Plus membership with LCCI.

Businesses located in the Croydon and East London areas are able to join LCCI. Please speak to our Sales team or join online in a few steps.

Affiliate Chambers

We work with a number of London's independent town and borough Chambers of Commerce, the following of which are affiliated to London Chamber of Commerce and Industry.