Arab Certificate of Origin

An Arab Certificate of Origin is issued for goods that are being sold and permanently exported to Arab League countries.

In addition to these certificates, LCCI can process any other commercial document required for international trade, either alongside the Certificate of Origin or as a separate document.

Documents LCCI process and the requirements

Document Type

  • Arab Certificates of Origin
  • Invoices and Packing Lists
  • Hajj and Umrah documents (certification only)
  • Any other commercial or legal documents required for international trade. Please note that any such will only be certified or legalized if they show country of destination, either within the body of the text or handwritten on the reverse of the document “for use in <insert country of destination>” (in pen).


  • LCCI can only certify or legalize original documents
  • Certain embassies may have specific requirements for certain documents. Please refer to Embassy Matrix for further information
  • Any documents produced in a language other than English will need to be accompanied by a translation.

What countries can an Arab Certificate of Origin be issued for?

See which countries need an Arab Certificates of Origin and what are their processing options. 

More Information

Supporting Documents

Documents required as backup for Certificate of Origin applications

  • Commercial Invoice and packing list
  • If the goods are of foreign origin, we will also require commercial documentary proof such as a copy of the Certificate of Origin provided by the manufacturer, a Manufacturer’s Commercial Invoice or a Suppliers Declaration. 

If applying manually (counter or post), we will require cover letter specifying what needs to be done, payment (if applicable) and contact details in case of a query.

Photocopies required for each document type:

Certification (London Chamber and Arab Chamber stamping)

  • Invoice – 2 copies
  • Any other documents – 2 copies

Legalisation (London Chamber, Arab Chamber and Arab League Embassy)

  • Invoice – 4 copies
  • Any other documents – 4 copies

Please note, we are unable to make any photocopies for the customers. 

  • Pricing

    Fees vary according to the service require and country involved. You can get an idea of the applicable costs using the Embassy Charges Matrix. For an exact cost of processing your documents, please contact the Export Documents team who will confirm. Currently we can only accept cheque or bacs payments against Arab documents.

How to Apply

Apply Electronically

  • Complete a Formal Undertaking. Complete a Formal Undertaking. Once this has been emailed to LCCI, you will be set up with an online certification system account
  • The online option is applicable to Certificates of Origin and Invoices only (any other documents must be done manually)
  • Note electronic processing is not available for: Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Qatar, UAE.

Apply in person, by courier or post.

Any commercial or legal documents must be submitted manually as original documents are required.


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