International Trade Advisory Service

New Trade Agreements bring new opportunities, but also new challenges. Since the start of 2021, we have responded to 1000s of enquiries from SMEs and large corporations seeking advice on all aspects of EU and wider international trade.

To help UK businesses navigate the new trading landscape, we have enlisted a panel of trusted advisors to provide clarity and offer guidance on a wide range of related subjects.

How the advisory service works

Our team possesses a wealth of international trade experience, and we are on hand to support your business. Simply complete this short form with your enquiry and a member of our team will be in touch.

If we are unable to directly assist with your enquiry, we would be delighted to introduce you to one of our trusted advisors for a complimentary consultation. If it’s likely that you will require ongoing support from the trusted advisor following the initial consultation, the trusted advisor will provide you with a quotation for the required services. You will be under no obligation whatsoever to enlist the services of the trusted advisor.

The advisory service covers the following areas:

Rules of Origin

Declaring the correct origin of goods is vital, especially in the context of imported goods, as this will determine the trade policy measures applied to those items and, in some cases, whether you’re able to claim preferential duty. Rules of Origin can vary depending on the nature of a trade agreement – for expert advice on this subject, we can connect you with one of our trusted advisors.

Tariff Classification

The Harmonised System is used to classify all items exported and imported worldwide. To classify an item, it needs to be dissected into different layers depending on its nature, functionality and the processes it has been subjected to. We can connect you with a trusted advisor, who will be able to guide you on this process and help ensure that the correct commodity codes are identified.

Trade Documentation

To ensure that things go as smoothly as possible when importing or exporting goods, it’s essential that you possess the correct documentation – requirements can vary from country to country and the nature of the goods is often a key factor. LCCI is the largest issuer of trade documentation in the UK and our experienced team is on hand to offer advice and guidance.

Business Visas

When travelling for business purposes, it’s essential that you are aware of the destination country’s entry requirements and that you have obtained the appropriate visa. If you are planning an overseas business trip and require advice, our trusted advisor CIBT Visas will be able to help – in 2020 alone, CIBT assisted nearly 1million individuals in obtaining international travel documents.

VAT Reclaim

One of the key challenges many businesses are facing in relation to the UK’s Trade Cooperation Agreement with the EU is VAT compliance. For advice and guidance on this subject, we can connect you with our trusted advisor VAT IT, the company behind re:TRADE, the world’s first holistic service that tackles all logistics, customs, VAT compliance processes and refund mechanisms efficiently.

International Expansion

Whether you are considering international expansion as part of your business strategy or as a means of overcoming trade barriers and tariffs, obtaining expert advice and support is paramount. Our trusted advisor for international expansion is PraxisIFM, a company with an extensive global network, providing international and cross-jurisdictional solutions to individuals and businesses.

Customs Procedures

LCCI’s team of in-house experts can assist with any queries that you may have regarding customs procedures, in relation to trade with both the EU and the rest of the world. In addition to general guidance, the team has created a range of packages to assist you with your international trade requirements, including bespoke consultancy services.


Meet LCCI’s Trusted Advisors:


Specialising in Business Visas

With more than 50 years' experience, CIBT has become the largest and most well-established travel visa and passport company in the world. We are proud that over 75% of FORTUNE 500 companies and the world’s largest tour operators and cruise lines are our clients.


Specialising in Business Expansion

We provide a wide range of bespoke professional services to corporate clients, individuals and families. Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. Established in 1972 and with around 500 staff, PraxisIFM is an independent, owner-managed, group of companies. The London Private Client and Corporate office was established in September 2017.


Specialising in VAT Reclaim

re:TRADE is a Supply chain management business, who works with companies to identify opportunities to streamline their movement of goods cross-border. Re:TRADE Aligns internal departments and external suppliers to centralise processes, eliminate customer dissatisfaction and delays at the border, ultimately providing a one-stop solution for all your cross-border needs.

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