Tender Monitoring

Our Tender Monitoring Service, TED, makes it easier and quicker for you to find public sector opportunities in Europe.

All public sector contract notices worth more than £100,000 are published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU). Each day, hundreds of contracts are issued – from supplying medical devices to conducting financial market research.

Why use the Tender Monitoring Service?

Searching for notices relevant to your business is time-consuming, and can be stressful. With our Tender Monitoring Service, you’ll only receive contract notices that match your unique company profile. Notices are emailed to you on the same day they’re published, so you have maximum time to prepare a winning bid.

What tenders will I receive?   

Public works contracts, public supply contracts and public service contracts:

• £106,047 (€135,000) for public supply and service contracts awarded by central government authorities (e.g. ministries, national public establishments)

• £164,176 (€209,000) for public supply and service contracts. These are awarded by contracting authorities which are not central government authorities. They cover certain products in the field of defence awarded by central government authorities; certain services in research and development (R&D), telecommunications, hotels and catering, rail and waterway transport, provision of personnel, vocational training, investigation and security; and certain legal, social and sanitary, recreational, cultural and sporting services

• £4,104,394 (€5,225,000) for works contracts

Water, energy, transport and postal services sectors:

•£328,352 (€418,000) for supply and service contracts

•£4,104,394 (€5,225,000) for works contracts

How much does it cost annually?

TED is available from Monday to Friday, except Bank Holidays. These are the current rates:

number of employees lcci members non-members
1 - 10 £150 + VAT £200 + VAT
11 - 49 £225 + VAT £300 + VAT
OVER 50 £300 + VAT £400 + VAT


Download more information on our Tender Monitoring Service.

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